How to Guarantee a Stress-Free Moving Day

Did you know that moving is one of the most stressful events a person can go through?

Think about it: you have a lot to plan for, things can get lost, and it’s an expensive endeavor. However, it doesn’t have to be as stressful as one assumes. You can enjoy a stress free moving day if you know what to do.

Don’t fret, we’ve got the tips you need right here. Check out our guide below to lessen the stress and learn how to enjoy your moving day:

Start Packing Early

You can make moving easier by starting as early as possible. Don’t wait until the last few days before you start packing. As soon as you know you’ll move, begin organizing your belongings.

Try to make a plan. For example, you could focus on packing things in the guest room during the first week. With each passing week, focus on different rooms and goals.

Have a checklist — we’ll tackle this in-depth below — and follow the schedule. Make sure to give yourself a few hours each day to pack but don’t overdo it. The point of starting early is to avoid rushing during the moving day but it’s also to let you get enough sleep.

Follow the KonMari Method

Which items do you keep and which do you throw? The solution is the KonMari method, popularized by Japanese consultant Marie Kondo. This method became popular thanks to her show, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

Start by grabbing an item and determine if it sparks a sense of joy. If it doesn’t, regardless of its sentimental value, you need to let go of it. To have a memento of it, take a picture of the item, but make sure you don’t pack it with the stuff you do want and need.

Label Your Boxes

A common mistake is to stuff everything into boxes and call it a day.

Don’t repeat this. Make sure you label your boxes. Don’t stop with name labels either — color code the labels too.

Every box containing items that belong in a kitchen should have a green label that reads “kitchen,” for example. All the boxes holding items for the master’s bedroom should have a “master’s bedroom” label in red. Now you can identify them even from afar.

If you’re color-blind, use numbers instead of colored labels. It’s a simple system to help you keep track of all your items.

Clear Storage Boxes

If you want an easy moving day, free from confusion, avoid using traditional cardboard boxes. These are the staple when it comes to moving but they’re unreliable. Not only are they flimsy but you also can’t see what’s inside.

Instead, use clear storage boxes. Clear, plastic bins come with handles, you can see inside, and they’re stronger than cardboard boxes. The best part is that they’re reusable you can keep using them in your new place.

Have a Checklist

As mentioned, it’s better to have a checklist. It’s a little meticulous, sure, but it makes the moving process a whole easier. At the same time, you’ll know later where to find everything. 

What should you include in your checklist? 

Organize your list into rooms and boxes. Then start listing down items that go in those boxes from that room. When it’s time to find something, it’s as simple as cross-referencing the item with your list.

Have a checklist for your goals and schedule too. For example, make sure to list down that by week 1 you should already have scheduled a moving day with your movers. For week 2, you should already have two rooms done. 

Pack From Room to Room

Don’t randomly pack things together. As mentioned, you should have a system. A good and simple one to follow is to pack things from one room together. 

This means packing all the stuff from a bedroom together. Label them as “bedroom items.” Do the same for items from the bathroom, the kitchen, the guest room, garage, and master’s bedroom. 

When it’s time to unpack in your new office or home, you can simplify unbox the ones you need. You already know where everything is thanks to your checklist and labels. 

Hire Professional Movers

Remove stress from moving by hiring professionals. They can handle carrying all your belongings and getting them from Point A to Point B on time. They’ll be able to handle the majority of your belongings.

That said, you still might want to carry a few of your personal belongings. Items like your personal documents and gadgets like iPads or gaming devices should stay with you. 

Of course, make it a habit of asking your movers for important details. Ask if there’s anything they won’t move and the maximum distance they’ll travel. 

Schedule Ahead of Time

Avoid a stressful moving day by calling movers as early as possible. 

If you call them days ahead of the move, they might not be available. If they are, it’s a sudden schedule so they might have to charge you extra. There could be other people calling for their services so of course, they’ll sign up for whoever pays the highest and earliest.

Steer away from this problem by calling them early. You should achieve this the week you know you’ll move out. Their schedule should give you enough time — a few weeks — to start packing. 

Enjoy Stress Free Moving Today

Follow these tips for an easy, stress free moving day. Plan and pack early, hire professionals, and use methods that simplify the process. Follow a checklist, pack from room to room, and use the KonMari method to avoid clutter and hoarding.

Of course, there’s also the issue of moving all your things from your old home or office to the next.

That’s where we come in. If you want to enjoy moving without a hitch, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the experts. Contact us here and let us take the load for you.